2008 DHI Managers Presentations
at the ICAR Meeting

10:20 10:45 Overview of North American DHI Managers Association and its members G. Cudoc
10:45 11:10 Herd testing in the USA S. Sievert
11:10 11:35 Herd testing in Canada R. Cantin
11:35 12:00 Serving the diverse production information needs of agricolture J. Zimmerman
13:00 13:30 DHI test day’s status quo changing – integrating handheld computers and RFID technology C. Dei
13:30 14:00 Using RFID and handheld devices for DHI herd testing S. Taylor & A. Duran
14:00 14:30 In the right hands, PocketMeter is indispensabile B. Winters
14:30 15:00 Tru-Test Data Handler Hand Held – practical field use by AgSource/CRI P. Jandrin
15:30 15:55 Using PocketDairy with RFID for dairy herd management P. Dukas
15:55 16:20 Embracing handheld computers and RFID technology to enhance herd management C. Dei
16:20 16:45 Processing of data discrepancies for U.S. dairy cattle and effect on genetic evaluation G. Wiggans
16:45 17:10 Managing DHI employees in a large-herd environment W.R. Pringle
17:10 17:35 Data Collection Ratings and best prediction of lactation yields J. Cole