National DHIA

(Approved by National DHIA Board of Directors - March 17, 2000)


Only direct producer-member organizations may be members. The choice of association or cooperative structure is left to the member.

This requirement is consistent with the mutual benefit provisions of the Clayton and Capper-Volstead Acts.


Associate members

Associate members may be privately owned.


Performance requirements

The member must maintain all quality certification requirements.



No limitations on territory exist.


Assignment of responsibilities



The member assumes responsibility for ensuring that all services provided are not in violation of the Code of Ethics or Uniform Data Collection Procedures.

Member responsibilities

The member shall not engage in disruptive practices, such as misleading advertising, as defined by National DHIA policy.

Participation in essential DHIA network functions, such as uniform data transfers and genetic evaluations must be maintained.

Additional products and services offered by the member must not conflict with the purposes of the DHIA program.

All DHIA members and National DHIA share in the responsibility to protect the DHIA trade identity. Actions that undermine this trade identity are not permitted.

Communications, reports, and audits necessary to maintain the DHIA network will be defined.

The member is expected to comply with local, state, and federal regulations.


Routine fees

Each new DHIA member will be responsible for all dues and fees at the same rate as existing DHIA members.


Ownership of proprietary information and procedures

Ownership of proprietary information, procedures, trademarks, and service marks remains with National DHIA, and may not be used following termination of membership.


Material changes by National DHIA

From time to time, the delegates and/or National DHIA board make changes to the association's programs, services, etc. National DHIA cannot guarantee any limit on the scope or nature of these changes.


Term and renewal

The term of the DHIA member's membership agreement is indefinite. Membership may be terminated immediately by National DHIA due to failure to comply with the terms of the agreement.