National DHIA

    ID Task Force

    NDHIA appointed an ID Task Force in 2003. Through this Task Force, NDHIA has been a significant player in the animal ID effort. Greg Marrs, Colorado, chairs the Task Force that also includes Dan Sheldon, New York, Bruce Dokkebakken, Minnesota, and NDHIA CEO Jay Mattison. In addition, Ken Olson has worked as a consultant in this area. Dan Sheldon and Bruce Bokkebakken continue as the ID Task Force

    What is NDHIA doing relative to ADT?

    NDHIA took a leadership role representing dairy producers during the development of the US Animal Identification Plan by actively participating in various working groups. Since then, NDHIA has provided testimony at various hearings on the topic of Premise and Animal Identification, provided comments to the House Agriculture Committee Subcommittee on Livestock and Horticulture, and made visits to Capital Hill. In addition, NDHIA worked closely in development of one major proposal and have been included in plans for several others that were presented to USDA for funding consideration. The goal is to validate the DHI system as a valuable partner in the ID effort, demonstrating that the DHIA data collection system will be able to provide the information needed to meet the traceback expectation of USDA and state animal health regulators.

    NDHIA personnel have participated in USDA Listening Sessions, providing the dairy producer perspective on program direction as well as emphasizing the valuable role DHIA can play in this effort. Through it we hope to assure that producers will be able to use a system that they trust and are familiar with to provide information needed by the animal health system for tracability. 

         USDA Listening Session Written Testimony on the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) (August 2004)
         Testimony presented at the USDA Listening Session on the NAIS (August 2004)
         NDHIA Comments to House Ag Subcommittee on Livestock and Horticulture (July 2004)
         NDHIA Delegates Approve Premises and Animal ID Resolution (March 2004)
         NDHIA Position Statement Supporting National Premises and Animal Identification System (January 2004)