DHIA Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of National DHIA and delivers products integral to the DHI program including visual tags, electronic animal identification, and accessories including EID readers and indicators.  DHIA Services Inc. also offers meters for milk yield measurement and sampling for dairy cows and dairy goats.

National DHIA member organizations enjoy discounts on these products as a part of membership and can offer farmers competitive prices on their identification needs.

DHIA Services places orders for Ori-Collector milk samplers for DHI affiliates, targeting orders twice yearly based on needs to service DHI herds effectively. The Ori-Collector is key for collecting milk samples in robot milking systems. Ori-Collectors are certified with multiple brands of robotic milking systems including DeLaval, Galaxy, and Lely systems, making them almost a universal milk sampler, providing representative milk samples for component analysis and diagnostic screening tests at DHI laboratories for herd management decisions & genetic evaluations.

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