Objectives, Goals and Priorities

– Promote accuracy, credibility, and uniformity of DHI records.
– Represent the DHI system on issues involving other National and International organizations.
– Organize industry activities that benefit members of National DHIA.


– Maintain channels of communication with members and other users of DHI records.
– Administer the Quality Certification Program.
– Coordinate appropriate meetings, workshops, and seminars as needed.
– Ensure that the Code of Ethics, Uniform Data Collection Procedures, Access and Use Guidelines, and Quality Certification standards remain up-to-date and appropriate for industry needs.
– Coordinate the testing of new recording and sampling devices and related new products.
– Provide materials and resources to the DHI system to ensure sufficient background information for complete discussion of current issues.
– Keep abreast of modern technologies and apprise the members of possible applications in DHI.
– Cooperate with CDCB, USDA, NAAB, and PDCA in providing the dairy industry with needed, meaningful, and affordable programs with minimal duplication.