DHI System Leadership Sessions and 57th National DHIA Annual Meeting
February 22-24, 2022, San Antonio, Texas

2022 DHI System Leadership Sessions and Annual Meeting Agenda and Speakers – PDF

Session 1 DATA AS THE KEY TO DAIRY – “History to the Future”VideoPowerPoint/PDF
Duane Norman, CDCB TAIL“Dairy Data History for Production and Genetics – perspective”
Rene Koerhuis, Editor, Robot & Precision Farming, Future Farming Magazine“Overview of Precision Agriculture”PPT
John Cole, PEAK Senior VP of Research & Development, URUS“The curse goes on and on: Thirsting for information in a sea of data”PPT
Questions and Answers SessionSession 1 Q&A Video
Session 2 – IDENTIFICATION – “Animal, Herd, Sample and Data as Key to the Dataflow”VideoPowerPoint/PDF
Alex Turner, USDA APHIS ADT“Animal ID Status and Future Plans”PPT
Dino Demirovic, Eurofins“Sample ID and Lab Flow”PPT
Questions and Answers SessionSession 2 Q&A Video
Session 3 – PANEL DISCUSSION – “Herd Owners, Industry, Allied Cooperators”VideoPowerPoint/PDF
Panel Discussion“Animal ID, Traits, Research Priorities, New Data Flow”
Adam Griffin, Lely“Robotic Milking and what is on the Horizon”
Kari Spaan, iYOTAH“Connecting Data to Help Dairy Operations Thrive”
Joost VansKreij, Jort Schutte, Rudie Lammers – Nedap
“Universal Sampling Device Project – Farmer Solution”
Uffe Lauritsen, International Group“IG Technical Report”
Questions and AnswersSession 4 Q&A Video
Session 5 – DATA AND TECHNOLOGYVideoPowerPoint/PDF
Daniel Schwarz, FOSS“New Innovation and Implementation of Recent Advances”
Asha Miles, USDA-ARS-AGIL“Frontiers in Animal Breeding and Genetics”
Marie Soerensen, Q-Interline A/S“Lab Proficiency Tests and Software to Facilitate”PDF
Questions and AnswersSession 5 Q&A Video
Sessions 6 & 7 – DATA USAGE AND FLOW – “Understanding data access and data flow”VideoPowerPoint/PDF
Victor Cabrera and Lilianna Fadul Pacheco, University of Wisconsin“Understanding of Dairy Data Access”
“Survey results and comparison”
“Dairy Brain Introduction”
Dairy Data Access PDF
Dairy Brain PDF
Jay Mattison, CEO, National DHIA“National DHIA Uniform Operating Procedures – Access and Use”
Session 8 – What can be done moving forward in a large system with multiple opportunities? Some Results and PlansVideoPowerPoint/PDF
Jamie Jonker and Emily Yeiser Stepp, National Milk“FARM Program and International Dairy Federation Update”
Juan Tricarico, Dairy Management Inc (DMI)“Greener Cattle Initiative”
Thomas Pekeler, Technical Manager, iDDEN“International Dairy Data Exchange Network – A Cooperation Coming to Implementation”PDF
Questions and AnswersSession 8 Q&A Video

2022 Field Service Agenda
2021 Annual Report

National DHIA Bylaws
National DHIA Uniform Operating Procedures

2022 Award Winners
– Mark Adam, Outstanding Service Award (Video)
– Joel Hastings, Distinguished Service Award (Video)

2022 National DHIA Scholarship Recipients
2022 National DHIA Veterinary Student Scholarship Recipients